maimo printart combines professional screen printing and art in a creative way

We produce by screen printing using water-based, OEKO-TEX® certified ink. Our main focus is the printing of high-quality fabrics, textiles, wood and paper. For furniture, such as room dividers, curtains and lamps, the fabrics made of cotton, linen or silk are printed in our studio and, if desired, also finished.

The topics of sustainability, fair and environmentally friendly production are very important for us.  Therefore we use materials that are manufactured under ecological and sustainable conditions.

Textiles of all kinds can be ordered directly from us. From our numerous catalogues our customers can select the suitable one for each occasion.

We do print finishing on paper, fabric and wood. Varnish, glitter effects, gold and silver printing embellish the printed products and make them unique.

We offer the following services:

Creation/editing of graphics

Preparation of print data


Printing on the required materials

fast and uncomplicated processing of your orders

Because the prices depend on many factors, please send us an e-mail to or send us your request via the contact form. We will immediately try to answer your request and send you an offer as soon as possible.